Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric

Written on:October 19, 2016
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Does anyone else feel like they are living in a parallel universe?   Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric has gone over the edge.  I suspect this is all because it is nearly certain that he will lose and losing doesn’t come easy to Donald.  He is incapable of accepting the fact that he actually might not win so it must be “rigged” against him.   And the only reason, and I mean this seriously, that he decided to run for the Presidency was to demonstrate that that he is a winner.  It had nothing to do with the country’s best interests or even his best interests. The Trump campaign is about satiating his ravenous ego-driven appetite.  He has no moral compass.  To complete the picture, he hires the most vile of the vile to be his reality checks.

When President Obama was elected, something must have triggered Donald’s ego to get the best of him.  What?  A black man as President?  Donald and his followers have the same motivation:  Find others who can be blamed for failure.  With President Obama in office, that excuse was challenged so Donald came up with the birther nonsense and drew every crackpot to his camp of support.  Once he saw how he could gain control of half of the Republicans, he decided to take it one step further:  Run for the Presidency.  Of course, when President Obama mocked Donald at the Press Club dinner, he went nuts.  Imagine the tantrum.  No one is going to mock Donald Trump.  He’ll show us all.  And he almost did (I hope).

Donald’s primary challengers fell into the trap of lowering themselves to his sewage swilled level.  I’ll give Kasich some credit.  He did not do this but he drowned out by the bickering with Bush, Cruz and Rubio. This was a cage match of debates, not any intellectual discussion which Donald is incapable of.  But Hillary has kept her cool.  She will not engage in his hatefulness which is in her best interests.  And amazingly, Donald can be baited by Hillary with a simple facial expression or a brief comment.  Okay:  He’s insane and definitely a sociopath with money.

It just astonishes me how anyone could even consider voting for this empty suit for President.  I just want to drive around the neighborhood and look for those Trump yard signs, take a photo of the sign and ask the owner:  Why do you want to support a xenophobic, misogynist candidate who mocks religion, the disabled and people of color?  Are you so worried about the Supreme Court that you are willing to put this crazy person in charge of nukes?

Okay, I can’t go on but what I’ve seen lately in terms of the horrendous threats against anyone who speaks ill of Donald, I might be taking my chances here.  Just get out and vote in massive volume for Hillary.  And don’t NOT vote.  That’s a vote for crazy man.