Trump is right about something

Written on:June 30, 2016
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I’ll admit that Trump is right about one thing:  If he shot and killed someone in Time Square, his supporters wouldn’t care.  It’s amazing how folks continue to support him and treat him as a serious candidate now that he’s learned the art of the Teleprompter, something he mocked others for using, and able to launch into “policy” speeches as if he knows what he is talking about.  Clearly, the speeches are written by someone else and when going ad lib simply repeats his mantra as his ego demands.  Then there are the new supporters, former backers of Trump’s primary opponents who have jumped on the Trump train.

Kellyanne Conway, a Ted Cruz Pac organizer, now supports Trump while she views Trump’s comments that Ted’s Dad assisted in the assassination of JFK negatively.  What? So, as I’ve stated before, there is no integrity in the GOP.  They accept racism, xenophobia and mocking the disabled.  They believe Trump’s fraudulent claims as to the economy while most legitimate economists (not Trump’s paid sycophants) know that Trump’s platform will lead to more debt and fewer jobs.  Isolationism doesn’t work.  On the other hand, Trump products are made in China and other foreign countries because??  You guessed it. Because it’s best for Donald.  Just like the recession was good for Donald.  Just like foreclosures were good for Donald.  Just like everyone else’s crisis is good for Donald.

Donald is a parasite.  He feeds off of other people’s failures and their fear.  He has no interest in actually helping his non-college educated supporters.  He want their support so he can WIN.  He wants them to fear anyone with a darker colored skin or anyone dressed differently.  I suspect he will be moving on to LGBT community next.  Winning is his goal. He wants to benefit from winning.  He has no real interest in the American people. This is a game for Donald.  And he’ll say and do anything to WIN.

Please American people:  Don’t be fooled by this fraud.