Where were you Hal Pal?

Written on:October 10, 2015
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Today was the Stand for Women NOW Rally and voter registration even at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge.  But where oh where was Hal Pal?  Because the event focused on women, of course Hal Pal wasn’t there to bring his “moderate” credentials.  Instead, he’s working with the GOP to send out more vile mailings basically demonizing his opponent.  That’s the real Hal Pal.  He wants to paint himself as a kinder gentler candidate. He refuses to identify himself as a Republican in his literature, website and even his yard signs.  Yet he is comfortable relying on disgusting literature, demeaning and degrading women and supporting gun violence.  Hal Pal must not be given any authority to create or contribute to Virginia’s future.  He is harmful to women.  He voted for TRAP laws in Manassas.  He can’t even support Georgetown South’s autonomy regarding parking regulations.  Well, of course not.  GTS is not up to Hal Pal’s standards and xenophobic platform of the GOP.  Racism, sexism and xenophobia:  All in the Hal Pal playbook.  Can’t wait to see his next move.

Or maybe we should learn more about the real Hal Pal…….