So where’s Hal?

Written on:October 5, 2015
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We probably won’t be seeing Hal door knocking anymore.  He’s hired the NRA and the Susan B. Anthony group to go door to door supporting him.  So Hal has clearly gone hard line tea party.  As a radical right wing gun supporter you can be sure that he has no plan to address massacres like in Oregon last week and at Virginia Tech.  I know, “stuff happens.”  And the Susan B. Anthony group is a radical anti women’s reproductive rights group.  How ironic that a group that calls itself “Susan B. Anthony” is hard at work suppresses women’s rights.  But this is Hal.  He will do or say anything to win this election.  He will support a killer that “lawfully” purchased 13 guns for his massacre.  Hal will be another Bob Marshall when it comes to women’s reproductive rights:  No abortions for any reason, even the life of the mother.  No IVF for infertile women. Will he be monitoring women’s cycles like Obenshain who wanted to arrest women for not reporting spontaneous miscarriages.  Hal loves to paint himself as a “moderate”.  But using the NRA and Anthony folks to campaign for him takes him so far to the right that it’s frightening.

I wish I knew where Hal will be appearing next publicly.   He dropped out of the debate scheduled for this week.  Will he appear at the next debate is the big question?