Have You Been Purged?

Written on:March 4, 2017
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In late February 2017, the Virginia Department of Elections removed 1,592 inactive voters from the City of Manassas voter registration roll and 196 inactive voters from the City of Manassas Park voter registration roll.  You might want to check if your name is on one of those lists.

Note that both lists of purged voters are organized by numbered voting precincts, and for the City of Manassas those numbers reflect the new (starting in 2017) voting precinct boundaries, not the precinct boundaries that applied in recent years.  The precinct codes for each city are as follows:

PCT    Manassas Polling Location
0001   Dean Elementary School
0002   Weems Elementary School
0003   Metz Middle School
0004   Haydon Elementary School
0005   Balwin Elementary School
0006   Round Elementary School

PCT    Manassas Park Polling Location
0001   Manassas Park High School
0002   Costello Park Community Center
0003   Manassas Park City Hall

Reportedly, a voter registration is purged only after a voter fails to respond to mailers sent by the State Board of Elections concerning ones correct address and then fails to vote in two Federal Election Cycles following that mailer.

If you should find yourself or anyone else improperly purged from a registered voter roll, please let us and the City of Manassas General Registrar or the Manassas Park General Registrar know.

The best and easiest way to verify that your voter registration is still valid is to review your voter record at the Virginia Department of Elections voter portal, after entering your name, date of birth, locality, and last four digits of your social security number.