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Written on:September 22, 2016
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Our Democratic nominees and other endorsed candidates appearing on the Manassas and Manassas Park ballots for the 2016 General Election are listed below.  Please vote the entire Democratic ticket.  Every vote matters!

On the Ballot in Both Cities

President and Vice President: Democratic Party electors for

 Hillary Clinton, President hillary-in-crowd-croppedand

Tim Kaine, Vice Presidenttim-kaine-in-us-senate-cropped

U.S. Congress (10th CD)

LuAnn L. Bennett-D luann-bennett-9-22-16


City of Manassas Races*

On the ballot in Manassas City only.

Member, City Council (three seats up for election.  Seven candidates are listed on the ballot; please vote for all three Democratic nominees:)

Rexford G. Parr, Jr.

Pamela J. Sebesky

Mark D. Wolfe


Treasurer (for unexpired term to end December 31, 2017)

Patricia E. Richie-Folkspatricia-richie-folks-cropped-9-26-16

* The MMPCDC has not nominated any candidates, and makes no endorsements, for Manassas City Mayor or for Manassas City School Board members (four seats up for election).

View our Democratic sample ballot for the City of Manassas 2016 elections

View the official City of Manassas 2016 sample ballot.


City of Manassas Park Races

On the ballot in Manassas Park only.


 Jeanette M. RishellJeanette Rishell head shot

Member, City Council (three seats up for election; Donald Shuemaker is the only candidate listed on the ballot.)

Donald E. Shuemaker, Jr.donald-shuemaker

Hector Cendejas (write-in candidate)hector-cendejas

Miriam Paula Machado (write-in candidate)miriam-machado

View our Democratic sample ballot for the 2016 Manassas Park elections

View the official Manassas Park 2016 sample ballot.

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