The Biden Administration’s Many Accomplishments and the Dire Threat of a Second Trump Presidency

Written on:June 17, 2024
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The Biden-Harris administration’s top 15 historic accomplishments.

The Biden-Harris campaign’s key objectives for the next four years.

The Biden-Harris campaign has also released this set of more detailed talking points:

In addition, Democratic Party volunteers in Kalamazoo, Michigan have compiled a 13-page comprehensive list of the accomplishments of President Joe Biden’s first term. They are sharing their compilation widely to demonstrate that President Joe Biden is not the “lesser of two evils”; he’s doing a spectacular job! You can both view and download this comprehensive document at .

The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025: A Blueprint for Trump’s Second Term

Meanwhile, Donald J. Trump’s potential re-election poses an existential threat to our nation’s democracy. Even some prominent conservatives and former Republicans, who founded the Lincoln Project, recognize the serious threat that Trump’s re-election poses and have backed President Joe Biden’s election in both 2020 and 2024.

Watch this four-minute video to understand the serious risks of a second Trump presidency.

The Lincoln Project’s video on Project 2025–the Blueprint for a Second Trump Presidency

Here’s how the Progressive Change Campaign Committee describes the right-wing Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025:

Project 2025 is the right-wing blueprint for a second Trump presidency. It represents a takeover of all parts of our government by dangerous, power-hungry extremists – including unilateral actions by an extreme president (who now has immunity) to threaten our freedoms and allow billionaire donors to loot America even more.

Project 2025 was written for Trump by loyalists close to him. They seek to:

  • Give Trump the power to fire tens of thousands of government workers and replace them with MAGA extremists
  • Take over the Department of Justice and allow it to be used for retribution against anyone Trump decides
  • Prohibit or restrict the FBI from combating the spread of misinformation and disinformation
  • Give additional tax breaks for corporations and the 1%
  • Cut Social Security
  • Cut Medicare
  • Raise the retirement age
  • End the Affordable Care Act
  • Ban abortion without exceptions
  • Restrict or ban contraceptives
  • Curtail unions and eliminate worker protections
  • Create stricter divorce laws, potentially ending no-fault divorce
  • Raise prescription drug prices
  • Eliminate the Department of Education
  • Use public, taxpayer money for private religious schools
  • Potentially teach Christian religious beliefs in public schools
  • Potentially end free and discounted school lunch programs
  • End civil rights & diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) protections in government
  • Stifle African American and gender studies in all levels of education
  • Restrict books and curriculums about slavery
  • End climate protections
  • Increase Arctic drilling
  • Deregulate big business and the oil industry
  • Promote and expedite capital punishment
  • Undermine marriage equality
  • Condemn single mothers while promoting only “traditional families”
  • Defund aspects of the FBI and Homeland Security
  • Use the military to break up domestic protests
  • Mass deportation of immigrants and incarceration in “camps”
  • End birthright citizenship
  • Restrict many Muslims from entering the country
  • Eliminate federal agencies like the FDA, EPA, NOAA and more
  • Continue to pack the Supreme Court and lower courts with right-wing judges