No More Barbara Comstock

Written on:April 3, 2016
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It’s time to start thinking about the November election not just in terms of the President, but also almost more importantly, our representative to the House of Representatives.  Babs Comstock was elected mostly on the coattails of her mentor and long time Congressman Frank Wolf.  Babs is one of the most hard right conservatives in Congress.  She is 100% anti-woman and was a big supporter of Bob McDonnell’s vaginal ultrasound bill.  She is supported by every anti-choice group and voted against funding Planned Parenthood.  (What a surprise!)

Babs is also 100% in the pocket of big business and especially the Chamber of Commerce.  She has a 100% rating from the Chamber.  In Babs’ former life she was a lobbyist for Blackwater, Koch Industries and a opposition researcher for George Bush.  Babs is also a “professional Clinton hater” and spent a good deal of her career trying to bring Hillary down.

It’s important that we get the truth out about Babs.  There is little doubt that LuAnn Bennett is the superior candidate.  As someone who is actually interested in the people she would serve, LuAnn needs our support as compared to Babs who supports big business and anti-women groups.  Bye bye Babs and welcome LuAnn.