Jeremy McPike receives WAPO endorsement

Written on:October 20, 2015
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After interviewing and investigating the Virginia Senate candidates for the 29th district, the Washington Post has endorsed Jeremy McPike.  The endorsement is in light of Hal Pal’s “rigid” positions on guns, Medicaid expansion and other issues.  What’s lovely is that the Post acknowledged Hal Pal’s “soft-spoken geniality” and “darling of the National Rifle Association.”  So true.  His campaign has been financially backed largely by the NRA and other extreme right wing organizations including the Virginia Republican Party.  Returning guns to felons, eliminating background checks and allowing out of state concealed weapons will be Hal Pal’s positions on gun violence which he supports.  Oh, genial Hal Pal, standing with the NRA while we wait for the next massacre.  That’s right Hal Pal.  Do nothing.

As for Medicaid expansion, I would love to hear his original response to why accepting our tax money to provide needed medical to the medically indigent.  I guess he just doesn’t understand that by denying payment of services to providers and hospitals, he is increasing the costs to the population that can afford insurance coverage and bringing some hospitals to their knees.

Here’s a very petty observation:  Hal Pal employs and lawn service that pours chemicals on his lawn so his is the greenest in the neighborhood.  The sign on his lawn after the treatment confirms the presence of dangerous chemicals.  He may not realize that Manassas is within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Just check the storm drain labels.  But Hal Pal really has no sense of responsibility in protecting the environment.  During the next rainfall, Hal Pal will be contributing to Bay pollution. Thanks, Hal Pal.

Voting for Hal Pal is voting for dysfunction, violence, poor medical care and pollution.